Steinberg Download assistant doesnt work....Cubase 11 update

Hi Everyone,
i bought theh latest update of Cubase (From 10.5 to 11) and i Downloaded the Steinberg asistant,but everytime im trying to connect it doesnt work.
It shows me that theres no internet connection…
Ive tried various solutions,like download it to another laptop and install it to the one im running Cubase,
I turned off the firewalls in my pc, check the system clock,etc etc etc…but no succes at all,still doesnt work:(((
Any help or suggestions on this?
Thank you in advance
Win 10 /64

Problem Soved…
I had to deactivate my Vpn private browser that i currently used and open the app with my firefox browser,and worked like a charm
Cubase 11 running safe n sound now!!!