Steinberg Download Assistant GUI messed up.

After upgrading Steinberg Download Assistant, it does not show icons anymore, only text and now it’s really painful to use.

I tried it on my desktop and on my laptop, both have the same issue. My Desktop had the old version which worked normally but after updating
it “broke” too. I can still download things but graphics got messed.

Here is image so you can see for yourself. This is pretty annoying little problem…

Same here, win10 32bit, my internet machine.

Same here, but when I change my Windows language to English it’s back to normal.

I am glad I am not the only one. My desktop SDA was normal until I updated it, then it got messed up as well. I hope Steinberg fixes it. I managed to download what I wanted, but it makes it pretty hard to use…

Just checked and it auto-updated itself. The issue is now fixed.
Thanks Steinberg!

Yes. It is fixed now! Thank you Steinberg!