Steinberg Download Assistant: how to discern Free from Paid Installs

How does one tell in the Download Assistant which downloads to select that are free with Cubase 11 Pro? I don’t want to install software that will time out or is in demo mode. The installer doesn’t say much or did I miss something? If there is no way to tell just by viewing, is there an uptodate listing that tells you?
Thanks, El Profe
Again C11 Pro on a Mac…running Big Sur on a iMac Pro 2017 tons of storage and RAM with good video card (middle choice not bottom not top)…


All the content which is in the Cubase 11 folder is part of Cubase 11 license, so you can use it.

Is this the “folder” you were referring to?
So then, all the ‘optional’ files are also free to use and need no purchase? (showing the listing on right far right side of the photo when C11 is selected)
That would be great if so.

If you own a Cubase Pro 11 license, then you can use everything you see when you click on the Cubase Pro 11 icon in the Steinberg Download Assistant. There’s no demo versions of anything here, only the included content.

Thanks, I appreciate the reply!

  • this is quite a lot of content it appears.



Yes, this is the one.

The optional just means that Cubase does not need that item in order to function properly.

It used to be that Cubase and the content were all in a single huge download. Lot’s of folks didn’t use or need the content and rightfully resented all the time spent downloading it - especially in places with slower internet speeds. Eventually Steinberg split it up so you only need to download what you want.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Is there anything in here for people who use other DAWs? I use FL Studio. Is there anything in the Download Assistant that could be of use to me? I received a free license key for Sequel 3 and Halion Sonic SE so I downloaded them but haven’t tried using them yet. Will I be able to use them and are there other VSTs or Sound files I can use that are not demos, but full free products?

An intro to the Download Assistant should mention who this program is for. I see lots of free stuff, VSTs and sounds, but I don’t know what I can use, or if they are meant for owners of Steinberg VSTs or Cubase.

They’re not free.

Yes, all this: Virtual Instruments & Sample Libraries | Steinberg