Steinberg download assistant installs elicenser

I have C12, N12 and SL Pro 10 installed on my machine.
Since none of these programs need eLicenser Control Center, then why the Download Assistant installs it? If I uninstall eLicenser, then Download Assistant installs it again upon launch.
So Annoying.

Why is this happening?


Let it install and keep it. It’s part of the over-all support package across the ‘full range’ of ‘currently supported’ Steinberg products.

Steinberg supports users through Download Assistant for several versions back, and titles/versions that can use the new Steinberg Activation Center are only a small fraction of everything supported by Download Assistant. I.E. Cubase support is going back as far as version 9.5. Dorico goes all the way back to version 1. Nuendo goes back to version 8. HALion goes as far back as version 5, etc.

Perhaps ‘you’ started your Steinberg Journey with Cubase-Nuendo 12/Dorico 4/HALion-Sonic 7 and don’t need eLicencer to get everything installed, but it’s not hurting anything by being there. Most of us had, or still have older stuff involved. We cannot ‘upgrade’ to the new Activation Center versions without the system having access to the dongle and software eLicencer.

It’s simply part of the overall Download Assistant application for the time being…because…‘most’ products in the Download Assistant still require it. For the minority of titles on Download Assistant that can work without the old eLicencer once it’s ‘registered’, people still need it in place to ‘validate and upgrade’ their old keys.

Many, maybe even most Steinberg users NEED it to remain. Perhaps they have not yet upgraded everything in their Steinberg Arsenal to versions that don’t need it. In the least, at some point they will need their keys/dongles updated if they use an ‘upgrade or cross grade’ route (needs to verify and amend old eLicenser keys as part of the ‘first-time’ activation process). Quite a few of us intentionally mix and match older stuff with newer stuff. Etc…

Many Steinberg Download Assistant users truly do need it. It’s fairly common to maintain older versions on the same system to access older projects/content with fewer hitches.

I don’t predict it going away as an integral part of Download Assistant for some time yet.

Perhaps in the future, it will become ‘optional’, or they might even fork off a newer version of Download Assistant for people who ‘never had a dongle and never will’. It makes all kind of sense that it might be ‘at least’ a year or two down the road though.

I wouldn’t care, except it’s obnoxious that it dumps its stupid icon on my desktop every time it updates.

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Isn’t it an option, to check / uncheck “make an icon on the desktop” when installing apps on Windows? I know from using Steam, it gives that option every time I install something.

Also: There are some products still nor ported over to the new licensing system. Steinberg did tell us it would take a couple of years to get it all moved over. And it has not been two years since that announcement.

Typically yes, but the Download Assistant auto-downloads and updates Activation Manager, the Library Assistant, the eLicenser (and probably other things) and does automatic non-interactive installs which dump their icons on the desktop whether you like it or not.

Yeah, it’s like now you have version 12 and you don’t need eLicenser anymore, but we still want to rub it on your face. :slight_smile: