Steinberg download assistant ISSUE ?!

I have download new sounds for Halion via the Steinberg download assistant and i get this message when i open Cubase 10.0 “You are likely to experience Cubase / Nuendo complaining about content that has not been loaded properly and display the following message once the app has initialized:”
I am using the latest eLicenser Control Cente.
what should i do next i order to Cubase to recognize it?



Did you activate these new sounds, please?

Could you add a screenshot, please? I think I have never seen this message.

i have Cubase 10.0 and i am downloading via the Steinberg Download Assistant some new sounds dor the Halion SE
do i have to pay for these sounds?


If you download Cubase Full Installer, you will get all what is part of Cubase license and nothing more. So use the Full Installer, please, then you are on the safe side.