Steinberg Download Assistant minor issues


I’ve noticed issues with the Download Assistant for a few years now. I think for some reason there is an occasional bug where it has finished downloading the file, but for whatever reason, the assistant doesn’t realize that it has the entire file and just thinks that the download speed has suddenly dropped to below dial-up speed. The issues happen regardless of product. I tell it to install something, and about 30-50% of the time, it will completely download that item very quickly, then sit there having the entire file done but it doesn’t seem to realize it, and the download speed slows to almost nothing. It will sit there for a very long time, if I don’t do anything (possibly forever). If I use the buttons to pause and resume, it is like it suddenly wakes up and realizes that it has the entire file, and then installs instantly after that.

It isn’t a serious problem, but it is a bit annoying, and I was wondering if others had experienced it as well. It doesn’t always happen either. I mostly notice it when I go to update a product that has multiple installers/updaters like Cubase, as it happens somewhere between 30-50% of the time.