Steinberg download assistant never works for me. Anybody else?

Hey guys

Download assistant never works for me . Does anyone else have this problem? I went to download the latest 10.5 update directly and that file is way bigger than it should be so something is not right. Does anyone have a direct link to the correct file?


Download faster, more convenient and more reliably using the Steinberg Download Assistant.


Same here. Absurd. You can’t resume downloads, one more program to update, bugs, some descriptions are wrong.
Traditional browsers are (obviously) better because they have been working on this for years already. It’s a mystery why Steinberg can’t just have a comprehensive downloads website for all products just like everybody does. I followed the link and wondered, and what if I want to download the trial of Dorico now? I scrolled up and down. Nothing. Back to google.


See my thread HERE:

My bad, I found it:

It would be nice though to have a link in the target website though to come back to the index for greater usability.