Steinberg Download Assistant not connecting to server

Hey everyone,

maybe someone can help me.
I am running into a different issue for which it would be helpful to update cubase.
Since the Download Assistant didn’t work, when I bought cubase, I installed without the Assistant. Now, for the update of cubase I needed to install it (unless there is a different option) but now I get a different issue.
As for the last time, it could not install cubase for another weird issue.
But this time it won’t even open the program., Says it can’t connect to the server.
So I read that I need to use version 1.35 at least. Downloaded that, installed it, same issue. I downloaded the version from download page for cubase 12 pro.
Can anyone please help with that?


Could you try to load the SAM (Steinberg Activation Manager) with administrator rights and post a screenshot of it here (after having made the personal infos unreadable, of course), showing all your Cubase related licences ?

My experience over the past couple of years when download assistant shows “can’t connect to server”…

I discovered a solution (which is weird in itself) by trial & error after verifying my computers could easily instantly connect to other download servers like Toontrack, IK, Uvi etc.

What I did was…turn off my computer internet for a moment…set up a wifi hotspot from one of my several Android phones…have my computer get its internet from a phone wifi…

and…download assistant instantly connected, updated, opened up etc.

Another weird aspect was…sometimes one of my several phone hotspots would work instantly while a different phone hotspot feeding the computer would do the "can’t connect’.

Very strange indeed! Must be something super-picky in the download assistant server regarding socket connections or something.

Ya wanna hear something even more weird? If I’m in a situation where the SB dwnld assistant won’t connect…guess what?

Arturia’s download asc server doesn’t connect either!!!

I sometimes thing Steinberg and Arturia are sharing some systems online.

At any rate, feeding a completely different internet connection to my computers via phone wifi hotspots for a few moments…instantly solved the issue every time it comes up.

Doesn’t happen often over the past months…but when it does, my workaround always works.

It’d be interesting if someone else also encounters this weird issue and finds the solution is the same that I use.

Did you mean it like this?

Yep… :slightly_smiling_face:
As it seems that everything is alright with your licence, can you try to relaunch the SDA with administrator rights also, and provide a screenshot of what happens ?

Nice idea…only had two phones to check, but didn’t solve it for me…

the blue-dotted circle is spinning up until the point where it just freezes and short time after I get the can’t connect message

Really strange, as I guess that you have a functional internet connection… :neutral_face:

On my end, I just tested the SDA at its 1.35.0 version, and it is launched without issue.

I’m afraid that I can’t help more, at this point, and it’s not the first time that I have seen the issue on the forums. Just hope that either @Martin.Jirsak or @steve will be able to chime in, on the subject. As a last resort, try to submit to Steinberg a support request.

When you say that yours is working fine…do you own a Mac or PC?
cause I have been downloading a version that is 32 bit after installation, although the website states, that it is for 64 bit version of windows…i know that it technically does not have to be a 64 bit version to be working, but maybe i am downloading the wrong kind of installer…

I am using a PC / Windows 10 Pro 22H2 based system (64 bits). What is yours ? Because I didn’t even know that there could be a 32 bits version of the SDA available. Maybe there is something to look more closely at, in this case.

I use a VPN - when the DA plays up, using a different VPN server usually works. Usually.

I am using the exact same. so the SDA on your PC is installed as a 64 bit version and not a 32 bit one?


I’m on Mac. No problem connecting to SDA at this moment with- or without a VPN.

Som it seems that there is an issue with my pc, that i cant resolve.
So, i had to reinstall cubase as latest version to get the update.
It’s a mess, but at least I can get on with the original troubelshooting.
Thanks everyone.

I try not to use the DA, preferring to download directly from Steinberg’s site. For how long? Who knows.
I also keep every download in a safe place.

Ha ! You’re right… I just checked and the SDA has the following path, on my end :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Download Assistant\Steinberg Download Assistant.exe

… which means that it’s a 32 bits application. :open_mouth:
But this doesn’t prevent its usage : it works flawlessly, here.

Yeah, Like you Said, the different bit-count is Not the issue. So, it is a problem on my end (hence the PC).

If you’re feeling confident do a quick dual boot fresh windows installation on a new partition. Try Cubase on that new installation before installing anything else.

That will help determine if it’s the pc or your original windows install at fault.