Steinberg Download Assistant Question?

I have a question about the efficacy of the download assistant for users?

I would like to know WHY we don’t have access to ALL point updates and versions with the download assistant? Why do I have to PM someone to get a download link?

I am currently going back to 10.0.40 since 10.0…50 AND 10.5.10 are still a MESS. There is no 10.0 FULL installer in the download assistant NOR the 10.0.40 update from that that I need.

This whole process is a pain and a complete waste of time for users.
No one wants to fill their hard drives with all the versions before you mention that.

My other DAW has them ALL listed in my account and its easy peasy to download what I need here.

I really want to know WHY? It can’t be because of copy protection since we have the DONGLE for that.

We does Steinberg feel the need to drop them off the assistant when they are simply the LINKS that we need?


Well, I do. I have all full versions and small updates since Cubase 7 archived on an external HDD.

But generally, I understand your problem. I can’t find a strong reason for NOT having an archive of older versions somewhere online and readily available at Steinberg. Maybe saving bandwidth.

I used to then realized I NEVER use those old versions so I was just wasting space. My point being we should have access to ALL Full Installs/Upgrades we paid for in a SIMPLE system for those times 10.0.50/10.5 FUBAR that we NEED those old versions to work. Three months out since 10.5 purchase and things are still a mess. 10.0.50 still has issues and maybe get one more update then its bye bye to that. Huge PITA IMO

Never an issue with the SDA. Also Cubase Pro 10 is shown as an full installer, 21,05GB. But unfortunately the version before the latest update is not available anymore. 10.5.10 but to many plugins to the blacklist, so I would like to go back to the version before. For me the first time, an update really messed it all up so I will go back to a former version.

Look also here
ah nice, looks like 10.5 is also available there