Steinberg Download Assistant trouble

I have paid and downloadet Cubase Pro 9.5 upgrade.
In order to do so you have to download, install and run the Steinberg Download Assistant. I start up the assistant and choose Cubase 9.5 update. The download procedure starts and finishes and you can click open. When clicking open windows Pathfinder is opened pointing at my local directory, Documents. It is not pointing at a cubase 9.5 update exe file and nowhere in this directory or elsewhere on my system drive is a cubase 9.5 update exe file to found.

QUESTION: Where does Steinberg Download Assistant save the download - or what am I doing wrong - or ???

Thank you for your help in advance

Merry Christmas

Usually, wherever the downloads are stored, the “open” button should open the correct location.
So I’m sorry to say that you’re encountering some kind of software error.

QUESTION: Where does Steinberg Download Assistant save the download

Please open Steinberg Download Assistant and click the “Settings” button in the Main Window’s upper right corner.
In the settings area, please chose a new download location, one that you’re sure of has enough space for downloads, has correct user permissions to store downloaded files, etc.
Then, quit and re-launch Steinberg Download Assistant, and start your Downloads again.

Tip: Just for testing, you might want to first download the relatively small Demo project, to test whether that file can be located correctly in the newly chosen Download location.

Problem solved -
Thank you for the very quick and good advice regarding settings and choosing a location.
Merry Christmas