Steinberg Download Assistant - wait for it...

Posting this because I couldn’t find anything in a search when I was having trouble installing with the Steinberg Download Assistant.

After a couple of hours of downloading HALion 6 huge file, it appeared that the SDA hung. The status bar just kept going back and forth without any indication of what, if anything was going on. I tried again and again to complete the download. It appears that the answer is not to keep trying, but to go have lunch and leave it in peace. For me it took about twenty minutes for it to finish packaging(?) after the download. I was told it can take up to forty. Hopefully that saves someone a few strands of hair. An indication that it is doing something would be helpful.

This was really useful to me, thanks. I had the same thing, the whole 12GB+ of Cubase Pro downloaded, then the SDA just sat there, sending my CPU nuts for 10+ minutes, ‘aria2c’ process hogging it. Zapped the whole SDA, this time said “don’t install aria2”, but it did exactly the same - was about to try again, but found this post and just left it there. Came back to look 30 mins later and there it was, ready to go. So it worked fine in the end, but I agree, it’s pretty frustrating that there’s no progress indicator or really any sign in the SDA UI that it’s doing anything at all.

Yes, really thanks you for this post. 21.4Gb later and the whole thing seemed in a loop, but wasn’t

Thanks maan! :smiley:

This is particularly true for Cubase 10 installation.

Guys, you just got to be very patient!
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