Steinberg Download Assistant won't start

I’m on a Macbook Pro running Mojave (10.14.1). When I open the download assistant it runs for about 2 seconds then quits. I’ve checked the console and can’t find any fatal errors so I don’t think it’s crashing. I’ve tried updating Java, uninstalling Java, reinstalling the download assistant (with and without Aria) and removing all fonts from my system (I read in another forum post that invalid fonts can cause issues).

Is this a known issue with the download assistant? Is there any other way of downloading Cubase 10 and Absolute 4? Are any older versions of the download assistant available?

Same issue here on Windows 10. Installed Download Assistant but when I double click the icon get waiting cursor for a second then nothing. Please help!!!

Aria 2 is the problem and I don’t know why! If you trash Aria2 then the program launches with no problems!
(on a Mac: Library/app support/steinberg/download assistant/3rd party/optional/aria2)
Off course with out Aria2 you don’t get the progress bar during downloads neither can you resume downloads within the assistant but I guess from not having it work at all it’s ok!
I tried re installing the program again with aria2 and it did work for a while but suddenly the problem recurred and I ended up trashing Aria2 again!

The archaic download assistant needs a serious update.
It’s not significantly better than downloading files manually and installing them.

It needs to be replaced with something like Native Instruments Native Access to reach the standards of what is expected in 2020.