Steinberg Download Assistant

Hi! When i try to download full Halion 6 it gives me no option to save it on other disk than the where my operating system is. Surely there has to be as ssd disks are expensive and operating systems will benefit from being on one. I can’t free up another 30Gb plus maybe double of that when installing? For the record i have hdd disk right next to it (3TB).

Please click the gear icon to the top right to change the download location:

Thank you , i just wish it were that easy. Seems very logical too, in the settings you can change these things. In my reality though, in the settings it tells me where the download location is but everything is grayed out. Even the " restore to defaults", i guess it is default. Pushing on the 3 dot button does nothing, nothing there is highlighted like it is on other pages. :unamused:

Did you by any chance disable the installation of the optional aria2 download manager?
Could you have a look at your SDA’s version information? Just click “Steinberg Download Assistant” in the upper left window area; it should look like this:

Back from the vacation…

Could the problem be that i don’t have Aria2 installed at all? In the “about” tab it tells me Downloader: System Default. Seems like Aria2 is a must for me then?

Just reinstall the Steinberg Download Assistant and it should give you the option to install Aria2.

The aria2 download manager “is a must” for you only if you want to use advanced features like pausing and resuming downloads, or choosing a different download location :wink:

Without the aria2 download manager installed, the Steinberg Download Assistant can only assist with finding and displaying the available downloads, but the download itself will be performed by the “system default”, which is usually your default web browser – and thus the downloaded files will end up wherever the default web browser’s download location is configured.

Perfect! thanks

I cannot prevent aria2 from being installed. How do I do that. I have uninstalled the Download Assistant, redownloaded it then made sure the “install aria2” box was unchecked. It still gets installed. Any ideas?

I need to be able to use my internet download manager (IDM) instead as the Download Assistant does not pick up from where it left off if I “pause” then restart at another time after the computer has been shut down.