Steinberg Download Assistant


I’ve been trying to download Cuebase 9.5 AI through the subject tool but FAILED twice and I had to retry the download that brought me back to Zero. I reached 5.40GB / 5.89 GB in my first attempt and in the second one I reached 2GB / 5.89GB. I’ve wasted lots of bandwidth because of this and I am on a limited internet package. I’ve registered my brand new UR44 and activated both the basic FX suite and cuebase through eLicenser. I just can’t get my cuebase AI downloaded.

Is anyone facing the same?


I don’t see many complaints like this. Sounds like your internet service might be the issue.

Do you have problems downloading other programs?

Regards :sunglasses:

Hello, I have bought a Yama MG10XU and got a free download for CUBASE AI 9.5. I started the download process; it downloaded steinberg download assitant, but when i start the download assistant, it says no downloads are available for this product. What do I do?

Create a MySteinberg account and register your hardware and software products. I believe the download will be available after that in your account. Or, they might send you an email with a link (I can’t remember which).

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