Steinberg Download Assistant.

My computer died and I’ve had to reinstall everything from scratch. I’m nearly there, however, I am having some issues with Dorico.
I selected the Dorico full download. The Steinberg Download Assistant was installed, but, nothing to select, just a blank screen.
I moved on to download HALion 6. Downloaded the Steinberg Download Assistant again and for some reason I find the Dorico/HALion download. Downloaded and installed Dorico 1.1.0 Full. Downloaded and installed HALion Sonic SE for Dorico. Then trouble starts. I have tried downloading HALion Symphonic Orchestra for Dorico six times and it has always failed. I have invested a lot of time downloading this file for no result.
The Assistant is supposed to use aria2 as a download manager, but that doesn’t help.
One time it re-started at 4.5 GB which is better than starting from zero, but only once. All the other attempts start at 0GB.
I have successfully downloaded the trial version using Microsoft Edge. Hopefully it won’t stay a trial as it’s registered.


Why am I have no success with Steinberg Download Assistant?

I want to download HALion 6, I don’t like my chances as it is very much larger.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi folks,

Just installed HALion Symphonic and it works as the full version.

That’s very good.

Shouldn’t have to do it this way.

Hi folks,

Mission accomplished!

Started the HALion 6 download last night and went to bed. When I got up, the download had just completed as I saw the tail of the download in Task Manager.
As a bonus it includes HALion Sonic 3 and others. Fantastic.

It’s installing now, more wait time but that doesn’t matter, I’ve restored all but a few Native Instrument updates.

No idea why HALion Symphonic was being so difficult.

Have a pleasant day as mine has improved immeasurably.