Steinberg Download Asst. problem

Has anyone had problems with the Steinberg Download Asst. [SDA] on Mac? I tried to use it when I got Dorico 4 last fall and it never would open—just got the beach ball … Same thing is happening when I try to use it download D5.

I tried all the usual tricks: re-downloading the app (SDA), restarting the computer, various unsuccessful work-arounds. Finally, someone at Steinberg ended up just giving me a direct link to download the app (D4).

I’ve shared this info with the Steinberg tech support people—I just thought I’d check the forums for any possible info.

There are a number of issues that can occur with SDA, and if you’re working through them with our technical support team, I won’t double up on their effort.

If you need to download Dorico 5 without SDA, you can do so here:

Thank you very much! BUT – my Steinberg Activation Mgr doesn’t see Dorico 5. Should it? I’m guessing that D5 won’t open without my activation code being entered in the SDA, which of course won’t run. Is this a quick fix?
Thanks again for responding!

Got it! I found this post in the forums:


Not quite done! I got this when Dorico 5 opened. Again, can’t use SDA, so …?


It’s not actually essential in order to run Dorico 5. You can safely ignore it.

If you want to use Groove Agent SE, then we’ll need to try to figure out how to get SDA running on your Mac, but if you don’t want to use the drum plug-in, you can check Do not show this again and we can leave it as-is. Let me know.

I spent quite a bit of time with the tech help folks trying to get SDA to run on my Mac. No luck. So I think I’ll just try to live without Groove Agent for now. It’s a playback feature, yes? As opposed to an engraving feature?

Thank for your help, Daniel. Much appreciated. Maybe the Steinberg folks will get this figured out soon and installing their apps will a LOT simpler! (Fingers crossed, but breath not held!)