Steinberg! Download the freeware software 'Bulk Rename Utility' and implement into POOL

Great piece of software that should have existed in DAWS a decade ago.

I also use this software outside of Cubase. Super handy. I had to supply 40,000 audio files to Samsung all named a certain way for their voice recognition software. They needed to be sorted by timecode which meant manually renaming each one of the 40,000 files one at a time! Bulk Rename Utility can’t read or sort audio files by timecode or any of the Cubase and Nuendo sorting features available in the Pool, therefore, you can’t use it sometimes.

Dude, that sounds like a nightmare. Surely a different program out there can do this? I don’t think any DAW has this feature, I don’t get it… Thinking about your situation, or anyone working in sound FX post, transferring/archiving, forensics… How are we living without ANY bulk rename functions in 2018 in our DAWS???

All I can say is… Sampler Track < Organization Features.