Steinberg E-licenser

I need some assistance from Steinberg’s crew regarding my e-licenser. I am a customer since Cubase 4 LE, which was offered alongside with Zoom Handy Recorder H4n. I have Cubase 13 Pro now. However, I would like to have my whole relationship with Steinberg in one place. Since you are not going to offer suport for e-licenser anymore on 2025, can you help me transfer Cubase Le 4 license to the new licensing system? I tried to do it on my own, but I couldn’t do it. The license seems to be already in my account.

That will not happen, all licenses from Cubase 11 and older will stay on the eLicenser. Otherwise the software has to be changed and Cubase LE 4 is definitely out of support for a while.

However, the license will continue to work, so just make sure your USB stick is working and connected. For all releases from Cubase 12 onwards the new licensing will be used.

This version doesn’t have a USB stick. What do I need to do? Can you guys manage to check my account?

Sorry this is a user forum, not Steinberg Support.

The Soft eLicenser will stay active as long as your computer, where it is stored, is working. If you want to make sure it survives a possible crash you should buy a USB eLicenser and move the license over. That should work until the Steinberg servers are shutdown.

You can find these infos here

I was able to reactivate Cubase 4 LE, and it is operational. My first Cubase Product was Cubase 4 LE, then I migrated to Cubase Elements 11, Elements 12, Cubase Pro 12, and Cubase Pro 13.

When I log in to eLicenser based products on Steinberg’s, there is a “Cubase LE from 10 and before” houglass just beside it. What is it for? I tried to link it to e-licenser, but it was unsucessful.

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