Steinberg eLicensor- - All licences disappear suddenly

I use my eLicensor USB with quite a few plug ins and apps like:

Cubase 6.5
Wavelab Essential
Vengeance plug ins
Nexus 2

But today I turned on my Mac I normally worked on project in cubase, but after saving the project and loading different DAW and back Cubase it shows me I have no licence key, so I opened elicensor license software and run maintenance, but in the software no licences are on my key anymore.

How it is possible? How can I restore my licences to the usb-key?

I was quite suprised, that there is no online license overview like with iLock or Waves, where you can see your licences online and test if it is just a problem of your HW key or if it is a problem of your account.

How can I test it? Which steps can I do for recovering my licences back?
I cannot imagine to contact all the companies separately and ask everyone for the license recover.
In this way it is quite unuseful.

Thanks for help!

You can see your registered Steinberg licenses here:

Simply downloading the latest eLicenser software from here will probably fix your issue: