Steinberg...Enough is enough...

Macbook Pro Retina.

Ok…So I purchased Halion Sonic 1 a couple years ago. Then I coudn’t install it on the OS I was using because Steinberg wouldnt update it. But magically Version 2 was introduced and THAT worked with the new OS. Another hundred dollars.

Now I have Yosemite. Halion Sonic requires me to either run Logic in non Retina mode, or if I run it in retina mode the UI pops up menues all over the place and I can’t even change instruments because there is zero support for retina.

You guys have ZERO piracy. Which means you get ALL the money coming to you. I get the impression that version 3 is going to address these issues and then it’s back on the treadmill. Please fix your software to work with current machines. Either you guys don’t care about the people who buy some of your software or there are misplaced priorities and I feel ripped off.


You have to be almost kissing your screen for retina to make a real difference… just turn that off for now.

Ok…So I assume you know that I have a 4K monitor. Regardless…they need to fix this before they charge me again for an update. Grow up.