Steinberg Equalizers

As everyone knows, propper equalization is very important.
Said that i would very much like to know whats going on behind the wood of the parametric equalizerers in cubase.

Are the mixer parametric the same as the plugin studio parametric (quality wise, i know there are some minor functional differences)?

How do the equalizers behave in regard to the upper frequency band? Do they oversample?

Are there any substancial changes regarding the different curves available, different algorithm for different curves?

Do the equlizers introduce any ammount of distortion?

I think that paid software of this calibre and of such high overall quality must have a PROPPER MANUAL, not only this pseudo-manual that only describes functionality of the plugins. I know what an equalizer and a compressor do !!! But what exactelly is happening to my audio ?

I find it very dissapointing that steinberg invested time developing a new version of cubase without propperly documenting the previous one.

Many Thanks

Rui Antunes

what does it sound like? :wink:

It sounds like no distortion and no oversampling…

I think you have a point that it would be nice it that was documented for those who care. However, regardless of what they were designed to do or not do, everyone’s ears will cause him/her to arrive at a different opinion.

I don’t use either but once did my own A/B test on several tracks. This is all my opinion… The Channel EQ is a little harsh and took a ton of work to even get close to a desired sound. The Studio EQ has a nice subtle warm character and allowed me to get a desired sound faster than the Channel EQ. Not saying this in a good vs bad way, but the two were noticeably different. I remember, in particular, Studio EQ doing a better job in the low mid area. If I did not have other options I would definitely use Studio EQ. You should just A/B 'em on some tracks and go from there.

I made some tests with the mixer parametric:

The Parametric II curve seems to behave well neer the nyquist frequency, but the Parametric I bends.

The lowpass filter bends a lot near the nyquist frequency, becoming a bit unsusable, because this is exactely the region over where you whant to have some degree of control. I won’t be using these filter anymore.

So, according to my primitive tests:

Parametric II - Oversampled

Prametric I - Not Oversampled
Lowpass - Not Oversampled

Not shure about the shelfs, but they seem ok.

Rui Antunes