Steinberg - EUCON. Why are you ignoring Avid users?

Okay thanks for the explanation. I looked it up in google and the first thing that pops up is a convention in Eugene. I mean, I looked it up more and found what it was, but I’d rather have someone explain it in their own words so thanks.

For me, I don’t even really use any such controllers anymore. I generally find it’s just easier for me to tweak tracks inside the actual software. But I’m really good with my mouse and keyboard. I’ve got a ton of custom key commands and I’ve laid them out in such a way that is far better and more efficient than any external hardware. And for dragging stuff, I just practice at getting good with the mouse.

Sometimes I use to make my mouse ability so good that it becomes seamless to drag stuff around digitally.

Yep, I’m very good with a mouse too and also have a zillion custom key commands/macros etc. but for some things, I find a controller very useful. And I presume you haven’t used a Eucon controller. Definitely better than anything else out there for Cubase other than spending £20-30k on a Nuage, in my opinion.

What things are that specifically? Are you just referring to moving faders up and down? Or is there more to it that you like?

Editing plugin parameters is the biggest thing but of course moving faders, instantiating plugins, routing, muting, solos etc etc. Mixing basically. :slight_smile: I never use it for audio editing.
Excellent for monitor control in Cubase Control room as well.

A lot of those things I already have routed to my keyboard, so I’m not going to get any faster than a button that’s already where my fingers are.

For moving faders and plugin parameters, I just find that the level of complexity is just too high to justify putting it in a hardware control. Because often I find that I’m using 100-200 tracks in a project, and many of those tracks have several automation lanes active. It’s just easier to look at the automation as I change it and most of the time I draw in the automation. And for plug in parameters, there’s just so many parameters that it would be really confusing to map them all onto a hardware controller, unless the hardware controller was like a perfect replication of the software but just in hardware form (which it’s not).

I feel like perhaps it would be more useful with holder and more simplified synths and plugins; but today’s vsti’s have so many variables (of which I use nearly all of them often) that it just wouldn’t make sense. It’s easier to edit in the actual software, plus I save on money and set up space which also means my workflow is less dependent and I’m able to easily travel and produce without any set backs.

Just my opinion though. To each their own.

Oh and when I want to manually move a knob, i’ll just quickly route the control to a knob on my midi keyboard. And I’ve never really needed more than 3-4 knobs for this.

Again, to each his own.

This is all great FOR YOU, who apparently has not even used the thing that this thread is about. :slight_smile:

True, true. Fair enough. Just trying to add a new perspective as to why they may not be prioritizing this.

They really need to get on this! It’s been going on for how many years now?

Hey guys. Whats the problem? EUCON is integrated in Cubase and it works.

EUCON is a brilliant protocol, it offers deep, comprehensive integration for DAW control. Steinberg played a substantial role in its early development before it was taken over by Avid.

Unfortunately, although the Eucon protocol is well past vers 3, Steinberg have not kept up to date over the years implemting the new features, fixes and workflow enhancements Eucon offers, especially with the mix console, despite stating in the forums they had the new features and enhancements were working and, the upgrade would be released when the adapter, version 3 was released from Avid to Sternberg.

That was some 3 years ago and Steinberg, despite claiming in the forums and in a recent email they were fully committed to supporting Eucon, they have still not updated their adapter so, all though Eucon does work, new features and bug fixes have not been implemented, meaning that people who have purchased Avid control surfaces cannot use many of the new features and enhancements to the workflow it offers although they work really well in Protools.

They need to get it sorted, it’s really dissapointing that Cubase 1O still does bring Eucon up to date. That, as well as many other reasons is why I’ve uninstalled the trial version of cubase 10 and won’t be upgrading at this point in time.

Why are they ignoring Steinberg Controller users?
I give you this.

Dont cry too much, you fellas aint alone

Controllers are hardware, so it is yamaha territory. You dont go there if not yamaha say so. It died with yamaha, our best hope is midi2.0. Unfortunately yamaha is there too.

Gave up on the Yamaha midi drivers after getting a MOX 6, froze and crashed Cubase every time when trying to control Halion 6, didn’t like the keyboard anyway,it kept hijacking the ASIO drivers insisting it was THE audio interface!

It’ really doesn’t inspire confidence when companies get lax with their updates and fixes, especially the big players in the DAW world.

Here’s the thing.
There are plenty cubase/nuendo users in Post.
Try to mix a 50 minutes episode for whatever show, with a mouse.
All of that under stressful deadlines.


Well, you could also get touchscreens if you’re not that comfortable with the mouse.

Clearly you never worked in Post, thats almost guaranteed.
Touch sreens? Not even close to actual faders.
Post and composing are completely different things, also, Im on the industry for a while now, these are professional tools for me, I need them to work as flawlessly as possible.

Or maybe I’m just used to the digital age more. Most people aren’t as coordinated with the mouse as they think, and there’s actually a lot of room for potential with the mouse. The mouse is actually pretty good when you get used to it and if you practice your mouse finesse. The mouse is just as much an instrument as anything else. It’s worth taking some time perfecting your use with it, since we all use it everyday. I suggest Aimbooster to work on your mouse accuracy/precision/speed/tracking.

Or you could get touch screens. They are close to actual faders.

Or you can wait for Cubase to implement whatever you need them to implement. I’m not telling you how to live your life, I’m just offering you alternatives that can help.

Ok, first, Im not a cubase user, I work on Nuendo.
Again, do you even know what kind of work Im talking about?
Not to be rude or anything, but seems like you clearly don’t know the processes related to audio post.
There’s no alternative, at the mixing stage, to actual faders regarding a movie, tv series, doc, etc…not if you really need to respect a deadline.