"Steinberg Exporter" - Export .cpr files without opening Cubase/Nuendo

It would be great to have some sort of Steinberg media software, that can inspect an .cpr file and do an export without having to load the project.

other uses could be to have a look at what is inside the project - track names, region names, length, markers w/names, sample/bit rate, project notes, VST(I) errors, missing files highlighted, etc.

Obviously if there is real-time protocols (outboard mix) being utilized in the project, the .cpr inspector software would give a warning.

What would be the advantage opposed to how Cubase handles this? You expect all this functionality and still expect it to be smaller? There is no faster process than the validation when loading the project.

Interesting. I guess you could then do batch export of multiple projects too.

I could be wrong, but because Cubase would not have to be doing any real-time processing and skip out loading certain code/GUI, it may be quicker?