Steinberg fail to supply prodcut when i bought upgrade from

Steinberg fail to supply product when i bought upgrade from 8.5 to 9
i get this messege after giving them my credit card:

The order is not yet entered into the system, please wait for the confirmation e-mail.

and nothing happned for a very long time.

if this messge will be censord it will be proven and posted online over the web,i recorded this post.
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Odd! Steinberg is superfast!
I just bought my Pro9 upgrade moments ago from CPro8.5 and it was fast and easy!
Within 5 minutes I had the Upgrade Download link and eLicenser activation code.
As soon as I entered the activation code into elicenser Control center the full 10GB download version was available in my MySteinberg Account!


How many times are you going to post this?

I will post this as many times as i need to until they fix it,or give me some feedback.
do you have a problam with this? so you will solve this insted of them?
are you so bored in your life that you want to interupt with other pepole problams?

You apparently don’t understand that posting in the forum will not fix your problem.

Will. Not. Get. It. Fixed.

This is not the place where problems with purchases are resolved. You need to contact whoever sold you Cubase (probably Ask Net?) who are responsible for making your purchase right. The only thing you’ll achieve by abusing the forum with repeated screaming posts is to have a moderator lock you out.

so how is it that after i waited for 2 hours and then posted this posts steinberg emailed me and fix the problam becuase i posted on their facebook page and all over the web,so in tring do defend steinberg that no body asked you to,you are very worng and making other pepole make this miskate to.

it. did. get. it .fixed,ask steinebrg

i didn’t ask for your wrong advies anyway so don’t stick your big nose where it don’t belong and get a life.

i’m complaning to steinberg that you threathing that they kick me out,and i won’t your personal details to sue you for harrsement and tring to making me look bad (and failed even in this simple task)

So you contacted Steinberg on Facebook and it got fixed - good for you. But that is a different thing than posting here on the fourm which isn’t Stienberg, it’s Stienberg’s customers. And please I strongly encourage you to sue me :unamused:

By the way you don’t need anyone to help make you look bad, you’re doing a great job of that yourself. :laughing:

No, you are not going to be censored, but you’re going to be banned from the forum if you keep on spamming by posting multiple threads every time and attack people. Warning sent.
I removed the e-mail address, as personal info should never be posted on a public forum. Multiple duplicated threads deleted as well.