Steinberg Filters/Pre-EQ messed up compared to 7.5

When i open a 7.5 project in C8, it sounds completely different. All the Steinberg’s own Pre-EQ LPF and HPF are completely messed up and mix sounds wrong. I have the latest version of C8 installed and still no good.

I have tried manually set the slopes etc from C8 but i cannot get the same results i get in C7.5.
Only problem is that almost in every instrument track i use either LPF or HPF or sometimes both.

And i am not the only user suffering from this. A conversation with other user:

"I never used Steinberg Filters or EQs for years and only since V7 I began using Filters (in the Pre section) in all my projects - automated some of them even.

I measured the filters (C7.5 vs C8) and most of them are half the frequency in C8 from what they where in C7.

For example, even with the the same slope (it isn’t really the same slope - they never align) I have to set something that was 11kHz to 6.6kHz, for example. 70Hz is now 250Hz in C8. A total mess. Only with Equality I could even get in the ballpark of what the slope was before. The automated tracks I had to print in C7 because there was no way I would ever be able to get them across."

So this is not just a problem of mine, other people suffer from this too.

So basically my problem is that I cannot move to C8 because all my 7.5 projects are messed up and i don’t have energy to solve them (so i am using C7.5 now until the problem is fixed). And i have tried setting the Pre-Eq same way as it is in 7.5, it does not help. The Hz-values don’t match at all.

Please, someone, how can i fix the problem? I really want to use C8, but setting every instrument’s EQ from scratch is a pain in the…