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I’m posting here, after a ticket submitted to support, to which no one has yet responded at the Steinberg support team.

I supposed that everyone here has a bit of tech’ in them and that a kind soul would like to help me.

Here is my question:

I just installed Cubase 13 Pro (whole standard package) via the “Steinberg download assistant” application, keeping the default target folder for all content (got an attachment but I’m not able to share it here). The installation seems to have gone well.
However, in my “download” folder on my mac studio (ventura), I notice the presence of a “Steinberg” folder which weighs 3.13 GB (see attachment) and I don’t really like seeing this type of folder in this location.
For information, many subfolders of the “OSX” (which is present to the root of the Steinberg folder) folder are empty. But 6 folders contain a .dmg files, which I have the feeling were executed via Steinberg activation manager because some applications are installed, apart from Padshop 2.2.0 and Retrologue 2.4 which may only be plug ins and not standalone applications (these are just assumed while waiting for your answers).
A file raises all my questions, it is “PAT_SMT_100_content_set. vstsound” (79ko) which is located in the folder "Halion Sonic Selection_content (recommended). What am I supposed to do with this file?

What should I do with this Steinberg and “OSX” folder? Should I move it? If yes, where? Can I delete it?

Thanks for your help



Search for this file in the Steinberg Library Manager. If you can see other but this location, you can delete the file. If Steinberg Library Manager is using this location, use the MOVE button to move it to other location, you like.

All other files, you can delete. The dmg files are just the installers. Or you can backup them (move to any location) if you think you might need it in the future and you don’t want to download them again.

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for your help.

Actually, I searched in the Steinberg Library Manager and couldn’t find the file “PAT_SMT_100_content_set. vstsound”, whether within the “Halion Sonic Factory Content” tab, “Sonic Selection”, or within the other tabs of the Halion category of the Steinberg Lirary Manager.

The app’s search bar doesn’t give me any more success.

I definitely don’t know what to do with this file.



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I have the same question. What is this file and where should it go?

It is not listed anywhere in the Library Manager

support told me that I could delete this folder at the end of the install process which only served as a container for the installation of Cubase and its contents.