Steinberg Forum - Please update the search function

Some new tags, such as Cubase 12 or midi-remote, are missing in the current filter mask of the advanced search dialog. Please update!

The dialog doesn’t show all the available tags, but they are usable.

Yes, just type a few characters
see tag your post in the Forum Guide.

I think I know how the search works in the forum, I use it often.
My concern is that tags that are currently of particular interest do not appear here, but much less important ones do.

But it’s not possible for all tags to be in the list. It suffices to type one letter to filter the list.

If so, then Steinberg should remove the less interesting tags (Cubase 9 is now an older version :wink:).

That will happen, but it won’t make an enormous difference.

I’ve always liked using the tags when searching because they narrow the results differently than typing in the text box above.
But if I’m the only one, Steinberg will certainly save himself the (albeit small) effort.

I have to admit, I was also confused by the “missing” tags in the dropdown, until a little while ago Steve mentioned the typing trick to me.

And while I’m a pretty experienced forum user, maybe I’m just extra stupid, to not have figured that out myself.

For many users (less experienced or stupid like me), it might help to curate the automatically showing list, so they are gently guided to better tagging and searching.

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If you enter the categories and tags manually in the search field, it not only takes a little bit longer, you also have to be careful that you choose the exact spelling.

Doesn’t matter. If hardly anyone is interested in adding the new focus tags to the dropdown list, there is no need to change.

What we are trying to say is, that the tag list has a search field.


…and even one character typed will work.

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Thanks Steffen & Steve!
I had actually overlooked the possibility of only entering a few letters in the Tagged (or Categorized) field! That would settle my issue. Thanks again!

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But now I have an issue with the tags…

In the German part of the forum are some tags not available…
For example, MIDI-Remote and MIDI-Remote-Script

Also the subdivisions e.g. of Cubase are not provided in the German Forum.