Steinberg forum url doesn't work using Firefox

when i open any steinberg url from google search or open steinberg forum url
i get white page like this

I had to use another browser to login and write this topic

I’m using Opera and everything works fine, always has.

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Thank you Poinzy
If you have firefox on your pc can you try it for me please :heart:

i just used firefox safe mode “disable addons”
and everything works as well, then i restarted firefox again with addons enabled
it still works :+1:

Maybe you have an overly aggressive ad-blocker or other security add-on.

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That’s what I think too, I’ll check thank you again Poinzy :heart:

Firefox is working fine for me right now as I’m using it to post this reply

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Thank you Raino :heart:
I knew the reason for the problem, it’s addon called Ace_script :+1:

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