Steinberg !!! GA4 Patch list shows up in HALion

GA4 Patch list shows up in HALion 5 browser :open_mouth:
Could you please fix this, it is important …

Overall Steinberg needs to reorganize there folders (on the mac) Presets
Content etc is spred all over the place

Which specific patch for example?

(please don’t double post)

All Grove agent 4 patches , I didn’t mean to double post I was starting a new post about
the over all Steinberg System folders and the need for Steinberg to reorganize them…
but some how I copy and paste the wrong info …

Steinberg Content, Presets folders are all over the place there is no organization with them …
Im on a Mac and find it a mess and hard to keep track of settings and new content.

Name a patch and I’ll check on my system.

Urban Radio - (Library Name) Acoustic Agent Rock Kit
In The Pocket - (Library Name) Acoustic Agent Studio Kit

Also Beat Agent - Full Pressure and Electro Kit 01 -Beat Agent SE

But all of them

Are you sure you are looking in Halion’s own browser and not Mediabay?

II see what you guys are saying, but I’m not seeing that on my system, so I can’t really be of much help I’m afraid.

I have “Urban Radio” in GA4, and not in Halion. Same with “Ringo’s Sons” (which was in the image from The Parlanchin’s quoted topic)

Here’s the Attribute inpector for Urban Radio- is it different than yours at all?

Yes Im looking in HALion’s Browser

same here.
HA5 shows GA4-patches. But Ga4 doesnt show HA5 patches

Hmph. I see what you’re talking about, but since it’s not happening on my system, I can’t do much.

(Something might be learned by looking at the attributes of the preset in the full Mediabay. )