Steinberg Gate

I really like the Steinberg Gate. The frequency dependent settings really work well, it’s generally easy to work with and is light on CPU.

The only problem I have is that the gate closes completely.Would it be possible to add a ‘gating amount’ parameter to the current gate? i.e when the gate is active it reaches a predetermined level…

The Softube Dyna-mite has this function, which is really useful.


A noisefloor setting? This would be cool, because of that I usually use the Sonnox Dynamics, but I agree, the included Steinberg Gate is quite good, and the sidechain is priceless!

Kinda like the range & hysteriesis functions on the UAD Neve 88RS?
That would be superb…

I really hope this feature can be implemented. Hopefully someone from Steinberg will chime in…