Steinberg have actually done me a major favour

Steinberg have actually done me a major favour ,after all these years of battling with crashes , software not running properly with other software ,bla bla bla im giving up the ghost ,after 27 years im going totally hardware , ive finally had enough of buying into unfinished software ,nothing changes , so instead of arguing my point and getting jumped on by a bunch of self acclaimed know it alls it’s time to say good bye
7.5 is where i completely jump off of the DAW bandwagon , no more money from me Steinberg .

Hmmm…Seems nothing lasts forever. Some G-string blasts from the past.

_+1 for the software … -1 for the business model
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Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:27 am

Works perfect here
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Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:59 am

I completely agree with you on the Cubase 7.5.10 being the most stable DAW going
Stability of 7.5.10 is not an issue at all , i love it …
How disappointing was Steinberg at their home show ?
Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:53 am

It surely is a wonderful creation and if i was told me back in 88 we would be capable of doing what we can now i would of laughed , mainly due to being on LSD but would of thought them as being completely mental .
Here’s to another 26 years of Steinberg technology 
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Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:08 am

Mauri I completely agree with you , it’s about knowing your machines capability and working with it ( im sure im going to get slated for this ) . I personally use a moderate a mount of vsti’s and plugin’s and i couldn’t wish for a better production system and as you say it’s only experience of knowi…
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Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:17 am

The most stable Cubase I’ve had in years. I’m quite happy. How stable is it? Really stable when you consider what it has to contend with. Stable doesn’t have to (and can never) mean “perfect.” No DAW or any software is 100% free of bugs even when it controls 100% of the code. Cubase has t…
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Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:40 am
Still rock solid here With other versions of Cubase ive always had problems with recording 8 tracks of external instruments simultaneously but not with c7.5 recording an 8 track patch of Doepfer is a breeze now ,so it’s not only the setup ive been using in my OP but it’s also very stable for me as a…
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Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:28 pm

Change is the essential existence of the universe. —Spock

Good Luck!

As i said I’m not going to argue with the self acclaimed know it alls . and the fact that 3/4 of your post count Curteye has been “+1” makes you a completely irrelevant person to me .

No Cubase has even been finished , i sat on sx3 for year after the c ockup with c4 , got caught in the upgrade bug from 5 onwards and have been constantly been battling with issues on every version . I don’t here because i can’t be bothered to argue with know it all’s . I’ve been using cubase since the atari days so i think i might know what I’m doing so i don’t need people like you to tell me what’s what thanks .
Steinberg have shifted their attention from bass station recording with cubase to shitty icrap recording and for that reason im out !

and this post now also goes on the list.

Wonder how true this one will be?

Vote CurtEye, the next external mod!

Shame to see you go, I hope you find something that works better for you.

And whatever you think of Curteye, he’s one of the most positive people on this forum which makes him very relevant to me.

While I completely sympathize with G-String in his frustration, regarding Steinberg not finishing Cubase versions before wanting to sell you the ‘next’ version…ie, basically, blatantly milking it’s loyal followers…erm, customers dry. However bashing Curt is a little harsh & uncalled for.

Steinberg in some ways have also done me a favor… in that I have seen through their ummm…shall we say, ‘business model’ for several years, and too many times I read a mod telling a user, that the best solution is to buy the latest version, which I find insulting. Luckily my needs of having a personal home studio for my own fun and enjoyment are such that I don’t need to keep buying new versions…it’s been years. That’s good for me, sucks for them. But in Steinberg’s defense, they’re ALL do this aren’t they? It’s been said more than once by the mods…no one is making anyone buy new versions. I’ve always got the feeling that legacy users have been swept under the rug like a red headed step child …with freckles.

Steinberg does make a good product though, and hat’s off to the people who develop it.

G-String sounds frustrated and I understand exactly how he feels. I was in his shoes last year with C 7. I was ready to switch DAW. I was seriously looking at logic x. Until they released 7.5 now it’s all good but man it was :blush: Anyway G-String I’m woundering about things like variaudio. All those advanced features that you can’t get with hardware. Actually talent doesn’t need too much to make it shine. Also I thought cubase was solid on your system. Anyway respects man. As for me I learned my lesson I will not be updating until I really need to and see stability. Good Luck G-String don’t forget to pop in the forum from time to time :slight_smile:

<3 drama.

I don’t know of any DAW where the software revision was “finished” before the next iteration was released. As consumers I suppose we would all like a DAW that incorporates the best parts found in each differing softwares available. For me, right now, the current Cubase release meets/exceeds my needs so I am stickin.

Before I did that I would need full disclosure about that one eyeball thang. What up wit dat… real or fake? :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Very good. I’m glad you like it. For others, there are some huge things missing. For example have you ever tried to set focus on mixer 1,2,or3 in full screen mode using a Key Command? Do you think that could be very important to someone using multiple monitors where a mixer takes up a monitor? Especially if you are under a deadline?

I think it’s extremely important to recognize the fact that Cubase is used by different user groups. Heres an example that hopefully won’t insult anyone.

  1. users whos focus is on beats and loops.
  2. users with a real studio, therefore similar PT focus. Time is money, key commands/workflow is very important.
  3. users with focus on the Score editor
  4. users new with Cubase who are exploring while they try to use it as a tool

I’m sure I’m forgetting groups, but that’s not the point.

Here is my point: Take all these groups and try to understand how they are using Cubase. IMO Cubase, over the years has made things so customizable it’s begging to backfire.

  1. Always On Top (AOT)
  2. Mixer as large as possible vs. Windows maximized mixer vs. mixer full screen mode. (3 different states with mixer 1,2, and 3)
  3. More users implementing more than 1 monitor. Some use 2,3 and even 4 monitors vs. users with 1 big screen monitor. Yes, the number of monitors definitely change the way you work.

Take the 4 user groups and mix them with these 3 variables, and the result can be a mess.

So you can look for an alternative DAW, and maybe find one that works…or maybe none as good as Cubase. Personally I think Cubase is the best DAW for my needs, but that won’t stop me from pointing out problems, bugs, broken functions, missing key commands, and a host of other issues that users as a group find lacking.

I for one would be happy with any DAW…as long as it’s on a PC & not a Mac :laughing: But I think the “Best DAW” is really the one you’re used to.

Cubase is Coo wit me :sunglasses:

RE “Groups” yes, I’m insulted that my group wasn’t mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

He has the perfect temperament for an External Moderator IMV and would be a great compliment to Steve and Fredo.

But he’s such a self acclaimed know it all and only here to fill the forums with eternal rows of “+1” … :mrgreen:
Naw, seriously he could be a perfect moderator … unless he has something better to do, and I really hope he has! :sunglasses:

eh? … whoops!

The way he handled the opening comments of this thread was really well done I feel.

Ohhh RIP G-String ,looks like he has left for good . What happened did i miss something ?

He was banned?

Oh well, at least he bought Cubase 7!

Did you actually count for that statistic?

“+1” people are completely irrelevant persons to you? How do you feel about yes/no questions, or democracy?

It’s boolean so it will always default to false or (Null).

If IsNotNull is used then it can have a different meaning depending on the context of the function.

Whether or not there is any substance to a particular statement depends on whether there is any input so a null value can actually be true.