Steinberg have plans to compile a Linux version of Cubase?

Does Steinberg have plans to compile a Linux version of Cubase?
I’ve been using Cubase since verson 5.0
I’m currently running Windows 7 64 bit. I’m trying to get as far away from Microsoft as possible.
Cubase is the only program keeping me from fully switching to a Linux Distro.
I don’t want to dual boot, or use Wine
Any news on Cubase supporting Linux?
Otherwise, I’m seriously considering a switch to another DAW on Linux like Bitwig Studio, Ardour, or LMMS.


Just do it.

don’t be silly all steinberg cares about now is something beginning with …" I "


I really like the answers from thinkingcap… :laughing:
“Reduce to the MAX”


Your very first post and you want Cubase ported to Linux. Good luck with that.

You sure you don’t want it open source as well?

Possibly Steinberg’s time might be better served getting C7 up to scratch on its current supported platforms.

One of the poles, maybe.

Buy yourself a Mac and install your Cubase into that one. After this you can dedicate your PC for Linux.

Problem solved.

They has apparently written one already but abandoned it:

Just dual boot. Have C7 on it’s own partition and you won’t notice a thing…
If it was me, I’d SSD it too…

Are there even audio interfaces with Linux drivers?

We have no plans to support Linux.