Steinberg Houston

Hello. Is there’s a way to do zoom in and zoom out to a track (Horizontaly or verticaly) with a command in the keypad ?


I don’t know if you are still interested in an answer, but I read your post and it seemed to be I good thing to do so.

Using Cubase 5.5.3 in Windows 7/64 with the Houston connected via a MIDI-interface it did work for me by doing the following:

in Cubase go to the device-configuration (I am using a German version, so I don’t know the proper English name of the menu-entry).

If you don’t have already an entry ‘Steinberg Houston’, add one by selecting remote-control, pressing the ‘+’ at the top of the config-box and select the Houston.

Now you are able to assign any function to any key.

I suggest the 8 to zoom in vertically, the 2 to zoom out vertically and to do the same for the 6 and the 4 horizontally. The table entries have to be modified this way (again the correct names are assumptions, I am using a German version):

#2 | Zoom | Zoom out vertically
#4 | Zoom | Zoom out
#6 | Zoom | Zoom in
#8 | Zoom | Zoom in vertically

To be able to use the assignments, you have to press the small ‘Function’-button on your Houston to activate the assigned functions.