Steinberg hub closed?

working on a project to learn more about the media bay and the hub will not open if i click on it on the menu bar…I want to go to some video tuts from the hub and can’t… :slight_smile:
Iknow I can click on file as if i’m opening a new project but…? dont seem right… :confused:

is it supposed to be like that? at the mo CP8 feels like one helluva backward step :frowning:


Hub working fine here, opening it and viewing a tutorial within an existing project works as expected.
The only trouble I`m having with 8 is with remote controllers.


so your clicking on steinberg hub and it opens ok while your in a project…?

just won’t do that here.

Yep just click and it opens in project


Aloha guys, just to chime in,

tho’ I have it turned ‘off’ in ‘Preferences’, the ‘Hub’ works also fine here
from the ‘Menu Bar’.

Both in C8P and C7.5.

However it does seem to take longer to load than it used to; but I am not too sure about that.
Might just seem that way to me.

Good Luck!

Doesn’t open for me…also grappling with another problem at the mo…CP8 says it “can’t find it’s skin”…again…
reinstalled it twice because of this problem…I personally am disgusted with this upgrade :frowning:

Same here. I have set Cubase to open with the Hub and that works fine - but the menu doesn’t.
If I click “file/new” it opens.

I spoke to Support about this. They asked me if I run EastWest Play, I do, hub has never worked here.

For me, the Hub opens but there’s no server connection to the internet…been this way since C8! And YES…it’s checked in preferences

I don’t run East West anything and it don’t work!!!

same here.
Furthermore - when the Hub is open CB vanishes from the task list when I alt**tab between open programs.And the Hub hides itself behind other windows so I can’t get to it unless I minimize everything.

Hub wont open from the Menu Bar for me.

Cubase Pro 8 a “step backwards”??? Oh well, it happens EEEEEEEVERY time, with eeeeeeeevery software on the planet when they are updated; many people get “stuck” in the current versions and all the changes usually face resistance.

I love CP8 - it now has pretty much everything that I need from the DAW. Especially the VCA Faders ----- FINALLY!!!

Steiny is doing a wonderful job on developing Cubase and making it better every step. So I guess you have to go back to C7 then - no offense :wink: :wink:

I have heard tell that the hub often does not get through the firewalls, I have not seen this mentioned in this thread.


Hub works for me. Always has. I ignore it even though it works.

Problem seems to be that is just does not mater. Go to Youtube or steinberg site if you want tutorials. The Hub IMO is not something useful for professional users. Internet not something I want running when recording a project.

IMPO, get over it.

The hub has never worked here, Steinberg seem to suggest its down to quick time files that East West Play uses which is strange because Studio Ones hub works just fine with all the same plugins on the same machine.

Doesn’t work here at all. It used to back at C7. But in all honesty I’d never use it. Bit of a gimmick really.

Did a total re-install from the 9gig download,plus re-install of Win 8.1… Now the Steinberg Hub drop-down menu works perfectly. Going through other bugs now to see what works or doesn’t. RIP is great—really fast and seems accurate so far.

Not sure if this will help- i was unable to get the dropdown at the top to come down to select the hub. For a while, I justmset up a keyboard shortcut,to open it. I discovered the other day that I had my font size in Win 7-64 set above the default 100%. When I changed it back to 100, the problem went away. It looks like some kind of scaling irregularity between the title bar display and the actual mouse hover/click location. Beyond my knowledge.

ahh - that makes sense!
My font size is set at 125 % and the menu text is fine at the beginning (left) but drifts more and more so that when I get to the right side of ther menu I can’t choose the hub (which is at the far right).
E.g. to choose “help” menu I have to place the mouse a little to the right of the text.
You found a BUG!