Steinberg hub coming to Nuendo...

Well, it may be helpful to make sure that it is FIXED first!
As a Cubase 7.X user, I am one of the “lucky” ones that HUB never worked for me.
There are other users among the Cubase community that also have similar problems. It is well documented on the Cubase forums.

The funny thing is that Steinberg hasn’t even publicly acknowledged the issue! :frowning:

Aloha e,

I do not use the ‘Hub’ anymore but when I did
it seem to connect/work fine here.

And like you I have read many reports from Cubase users of it not connecting/working properly.

Which makes me now wonder what percentage of users are successfully
using the Hub and which percentage are not?

And for those who say ‘not’, is it because the Hub is not simply working for them
or it is working ok; but users just don’t like/use it?

IMHO if the Hub is truly coming to Nuendo,
Steiny must have some pretty positive numbers on usage.

Perhaps a poll is in order.


The first thing I did was to turn it off (pref wise).

I DON’T want it in Nuendo, but there are also many other things no user ever asked for.

I wonder how many Nuendo users have asked for this?

I think Nuendo just follows Cubase, just as much as the other way around :unamused:

This is the first thing which is getting disabled in any Cubase installation here… I do not mind it as long as I can disable it. There is nothing which is more useless for me than this hub… It can even cause troubles when you open projects from the “recent project” menue - for example when there was a “crash on quit” - there would be the risk to work on in an old project version which is NOT the most recent one…

That Hub is something which seems to be made for more hobbyist users - giving them first assistance a la “what do you want to do now?”… There is nothing bad with it. As long as I can disable it :slight_smile:

Showing ads in a pro application IS bad imho.


When connected to the www?

I don’t like it either. It seems like it was designed to help users learn the program, providing assistance and product announcements.
I don’t need that, that’s what the web is for.

To me it seems like it was designed to earn money by showing you third-party ads. They might not start doing that to you immediately, but in the fullness of time, expect it.

And this is based on what?

To me it seems like it was designed to earn money by showing you third-party ads. They might not start doing that to you immediately, but in the fullness of time, expect it.

It’s okay though because Steinberg is also deeply involved in the spraying of chemtrails that will affect your brain in such a way that you won’t notice the advertising. I know it’s true because I read it on the internet! :unamused:

OMG … It’s out in the open …

Lucky you, got the internet, and all… We only got the Web World Wide thingy over here :mrgreen:


the Nuendo Steinberg HUB is in several ways different to the Cubase 7.5 HUB. First of all, it is not a fullscreen
window anymore. Secondly, the Nuendo HUB incorporates a folder management system with access to the 4 most often used project folders right out of the HUB. And thirdly, you can switch off the HUB if you don’t like it and choose from a few standard settings. However, I encourage everyone to try out the HUB folders once 6.5 is available, as it enables fast access to recent projects.


Thanks for the info Timo. But do you really consider showing ads in the file dialog of a pro app appropriate?

As I said in another post: I cannot imagine sitting in a mix with a director, actors and the broadcaster and have my software show adverts.

For those that are curious about the connectivity issues of the SB Hub in Cubase, now a solution has been identified.
The problem seemed to be a Qt library installed in the Windows/System32 directory that interferes with the Hub.

Hi Oliver,

I don’t consider this an “ad” window. It will basically show information on new updates and products
and - occassionally - a link to a user story. Real “advertising” nowadays is something different.
So no funny, blinking, skyscraper banner highlighting the content of the previous websites you have
visited… :wink:


Information on new products = advertising


I don’t need to see that.

Personally, I think that it’s possible to consider Steinberg using this “hub” to announce their own products as a borderline case. On the other hand, why bother coding it, testing it, and maintaining it, if it’s only going to do something that can be done just as effectively via email? They surely didn’t do it for the sake of letting me open one of the the four most recent projects that I’ve opened… because I already know how to navigate to wherever I need to go by using the “Open File” dialogue box. So is the “hub” a typical “software-developers’ self-serving solution for a problem that doesn’t exist”? The only reason for creating this “hub” that comes to mind - well, to my mind - is that at least some of those product announcements are going to be from third parties and are going to be paid for by those same third parties.

That Steinberg will claim that all the ads will be of interest to their users and won’t have blinking banners does not really make them anything other than ads. And really, if this hub proves to be worth its maintenance and support costs, does anyone think that it will be very long before we see Google ads for counterfeit drugs, Asian and Russian brides, and, uh, “male enhancement products”? They seem to be searching for new revenue streams and that seems to be why we have this “hub”.

And notifies the user when new updates are available.
Links to knowledge base, manuals, tips, downloads, etc …
Allows you to have direct links to your most used locations, and so on …

Really guys, you are making a lot of fuzz out of nothing.