Steinberg Hub doesn't list the Cubase 9.0.30 update

I was curious about this too.

Me too

I am not curious about it at all.

As far as I remember the information listed in the hub is never added in a timely manner. Pretty lame. :unamused:

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I’m 12 days late to the update because the hub never mentioned it. What’s the point of the hub if it’s not going to keep me up to date?

I have now disabled the hub…

I renamed hubservice.dll, so you still get the startup screen but without the news. It starts up quicker.

Are you saying that this method might save more resources than just unclicking the “Use Steinberg Hub” preference button? Because unclicking that preference does the same. Basically shuts off the left side of the startup screen.

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The Project Assistant doesn’t show automatically on startup when I uncheck “Use Steinberg Hub”. And it might save on that DLL slot limit, yes.

Good points. :wink:

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