Steinberg Hub don't display the projects

The Steinberg Hub in Cubase Pro 85 don’t display the projects
I’m on W10 “Redstone” v1607.
Any one with this problem ? Any solution ? :confused:
Thanks for the help

Hi and welcome,

Do you mean a templates or the recent projects?

I talk about the recent project but the template aren’t displayed to.
I can clic on the projects and start them but the writing of the title isn’t displayed.
On the left I can see the news etc … but on the right nothing
Thanks for your answer
I apologize for my bad english ( but I’m french)


It seems the Hub component is not installed properly. You could try to reinstal Cubase. If it doesn’t help, try Safe-Start Mode, please.

Sorry for my poor English, I’m not a native-speaker too. :wink: