Steinberg Hub - Gripe and Solution

Here is a minor gripe and solution.

Just upgraded to Nuendo 13. When I open the program the first thing I see is an ADVERTISMENT to buy software in the “news.”

I paid money to have more professional level software not ads please.

So, the first thing I did was come to this forum and find a quick solution:

Edit >Preferences>General>“Show news in hub” - UNTICKED

Why is this even a thing? We are so bombarded with Ads from the internet everyday. Steinberg, please dont go in this direction.

…forgot to mention the ad opens four instances of MS Edge Web View… YUCK!


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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Because you receives lots of interesting informations like video tutorials, updates, etc. in the Hub.

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I would rather the Hub give me news, than missing across the board specials, in an email; like 40% off for something I will need at some point just to maintain OS compatibility, never mind new features (or lack thereof).

Thanks Martin,
I guess I was just suprised to see ads and MS webview in the task manager.

I still think the purposes can be seved better in email newsleter.

If I showed up a a venue and there was an ad for 40% off gaff tape displayed on the front of house console Id be horrified