Steinberg Hub leads to crash on project open

I’m encountering a seemingly new issue where opening a project via Steinberg Hub leads to Cubase crashing. The same projects work fine when opened by double-clicking in Explorer. I haven’t done any updates to my computer except some Windows security updates that I can’t avoid. This started about 2 weeks ago and is not 100% consistent.

Windows 10 64 bit build 16299.371 and latest Cubase Pro.

Personally, I delete the hub dll and the problem is gone.

The most difficult problems to troubleshoot. Intermittent ones that is. You could launch Cubase in a “safe start” mode but you will lose all personalisations with no guarantees that this will solve your issue.


This would be my favourite approach as all “Hub” features such as default & user templates along with the “MRU” list are still available through the File | New pull down menus. And as a bonus, you would increase your FLS count by 1. :sunglasses:

Update: Apparently this was a Windows issue. After updating to the latest Windows version the problem seems to have disappeared entirely.