Steinberg hub news and tutorials not showing a couple of days after installing CB 13

A couple of days after CB 13 installation the News and Tutorials section got blank (grey).
Earlier I’ve got a message in that section warning about certificate which apparently elapsed (sorry that link was longer but I didn’t think to save a note) . Anyway it gave me the choice to click on proceed “on your own risk” which I did and then the section came up as normally. Quit Cubase, opened and again the section was grey, this time with no warns. Any idea?


Which Cubase version do you refer to, please?

Hi - this just happened to me too, using C13. I have tried to restart several times but the warning persists. The opening of the message says:

This server could not prove that it is ; its security certificate expired in the last day.


Same for me

Same Here C13 an 12
Also checked my firewall was not blocking msedgewebview2.exe
So I don’t know.

The same thing is happening here.


Isn’t some antivirus or firewall blocking the communication with the server by any chance?

Seeing the same thing here…

I don’t think so. I also am running cu 13 and I still have cu 12 on pc. Both doing the same thing.



I always click to open or create a project so fast, it never loads. :grin: I will have a look.

Cubase 13 I’ve told that in the previous message. The first 2 days and even with Cubase 12 that was ok, it just happened today as I’ve installed cubase 13 last saturday. :slight_smile:
I’ve tried then to open cubase 12 (who knows maybe it’s the version) … same issue.


Reported to Steinberg, thank you.

I bet that since the release of cu 13. the system has bee overloaded. Just a guess.

It might be helpful but reading other posts here it seems to be the security certificate which needs to be updated.
Martin, try to open that link and see. :slight_smile:
Certificate expired on november 6 /2023

Hi Martin

With the dire warnings of lack of safety and potential attackers are you able to confirm that it is safe to use C13?

That’s not Cubase itself it’s just a link to where your fav browser will connect to let Cubase show the News and Tutorial page. Any browser will warn as a potential risk as soon as the certificate is invalid or (elapsed which is our case).
Don’t worry they will fix it. :slight_smile:

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Just got off the phone with Cubase customer service and informed them about issues that are being discussed. He brought it up on his end, (Cubase hub)and saw what we are talking about. He said that he is going to bring it up with the folks in Germany and it will be addressed. That is the best that I
can do today. Hope you all have a great Monday. Take care, BCD Music Project :slight_smile:


I already reported it to Steinberg 1 hour ago. :wink:




:+1:t3: Yup perfect!
Thank you :slight_smile: