Steinberg Hub. 'News' tab. Any future management?

Aloha guys,
Perhaps this post should be in the
‘Feature Requests and Suggestions’ forum but this is not
a request for a new feature.

This is more of a ‘let’s avoid future probs with current features’ question.

Here goes.

I like the hub.
And while it’s not so much a prob right now,
I can see that in the near future the number of articles
in the ‘News’ tab part of the hub, is going to be quite long.

Scrolling thru it may become time consuming and problematic.

So before this gets to be an issue, perhaps some
thought can be given to some sort of clever ‘management scheme’.

Perhaps a grouping of topics into sections etc.
Just spitballing here.

Any thoughts?

I like the idea, but I only glace at the hub when my workstation is online (which isn’t too often) and that’s just to see if there’s anything new. If there’s a specific Cubase-related article I want to find, I usually search for it at Steinberg’s site or, failing that, with DuckDuckGo / Google.

Sure it’d be cool to grow, but I don’t use Cubase as an online hub and I’d rather the feature remain minimalistic as it is. 99% of the time, my workstation is kept offline and used for work, and I keep a non-DAW-equipped laptop nearby for my habitual traipsing about the interwobbles.

Aloha P, and thanks for the response.

Similar but different here as like you,
my studio 'puter only goes on-line when necessary.
(firmware upgrades etc)

But I also have C7 installed on my laptop that I
use for my live stage work and intertoob travels/research
and explorations crap.

That’s where the hub comes in.

Just wondering if the developers of the
hub have a plan in mind for when the ‘News’ tab
is two years old and chock filled with ‘old’ news.

Questions like:
1-At what point will ‘older’ news be deleted? If ever.
2-Can an individual user decide which articles to delete?
etc etc


Ah yeah, I’d like to know those as well.

I bet they have a built-in article limit already, but I don’t see it pop up anywhere in documentation. If there were some buttons on the hub to filter out certain types of news (E.G.: new product releases, product updates, new tutorials, new artist spotlights, etc.), that would actually be pretty cool.

Internet hub in a program made for audio work.
It saddens me that developer time was allocated for such a feature.
The whole idea does not suit me, perhaps I am just being grumpy.

You aren’t being grumpy. The Hub is the biggest waste of space and developer resources I think I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the time I wasted trying to figure out its value.

I turned it off immediately!

No hub for me. I just don’t get it. Did anybody actually want or need this “feature”?

The startup ‘recently used’ project list was promising; until that is, you soon discovered as the list grew, you had absolutely no control over it. Incorporating this with a SB ‘hub’ again is promising - only if it could become a real ‘browser’ type experience. Live ‘web pages’ (or parts thereof) displaying right there in this ‘hub’ would be cool; videos, tutorials, articles, etc… RATHER than just ‘dumb’ items (web links) launching another app/window. As everyone else is saying, who needs that…?

Have turned it off.

Using ‘Recent Project List’ from File menu, once CB has launched.

Agree. It’s easy enough to turn off and go back to the project setup dialog though.

You can remove the hubservice dll or (on Mac) component and get to project setup without that extra keystroke, by the way.

Plus let’s not forget that for a significant amount of users (myself included), the hub doesn’t even work properly (no connection)!
Talking about wasted development effort!

Interesting. thanks Steve; will try this soon… and no fiddling in Preferences…? simply remove/rename that .dll…? cool if so… :slight_smile:

Worked here– I moved it to another folder. Left ‘Use Steinberg Hub’ checked in prefs.

Ok; tidy (as they say in Wales) :wink:

Perfect, thank you!

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