Steinberg Hub reccent list entries bleeding into score

Sometimes, but not always, when I open a recent file from the Steinberg hub, some random entry in the recent-list bleeds into the score I opened.
Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 4.47.34 AM

It goes away after a while (seconds, maybe 10) although I haven’t timed it. Neither clicking elsewhere nor scrolling makes it go away. I have to say, it’s pretty darn annoying.

Lastly, this is new behavior since updating to Sonoma. I imagine it is some QT issue deep in the bowels of the library, but I’d thought I’d mention it and perhaps others have seen this behavior.

It’s not actually from the Steinberg Hub, seems to be an artifact of Finder with the Name column too small and the file name appearing as a “tooltip” of sorts. Strangely, Finder wasn’t open when I took the above screenshot.

I also get this occasionally, either within a browser window which has fields for text entry (such as a login window) or when I have had a desktop item selected. It usually happens after a period of no activity and I then decide to move the mouse or change applications, etc. It does not seem to occur in any one application more than any other, so I’m fairly sure that it is something in the operating system which is not being updated or redrawn when it should. Apart from temporarily obscuring a small part of the screen it does not cause any problems and goes away after a few seconds.

Yes, it does remind me of the “helpful” hints, tips, information, etc. which (depending on your System and Finder settings) can show up after a few seconds of something being pointed to or selected.

Thanks. Good to know it isn’t just me.

I sometimes see what I think is the same sort of tooltip in my browser with YouTube. I start a video and go fullscreen with F, and the title of {a video in the suggestion list that my cursor happened to be over} appears on top of the video and stays there until I click somewhere. It has to do with the delay interval for showing the tooltip.