Steinberg Hub - Renaming files


Just renamed one of last projects inside a hub by clicking mouse rightbutton and select rename. Nothing happened visually. Really file is renamed, but Hub shows the old name and it cannot be opened. By rightmouse clicking there is only “remove from list” and “show in explorer”, the second command not working, because the file with an old name doesn’t exist.

Why there is command “rename” if I must go “open other” and select that file? I can rename it there.

This happens in version 9.0. Is it fixed in version 9.5?


The problem is the file itself is actually renamed, but the list in the Hub is not updated. So you cannot even open the file after this.

Reported as a bug.

I renamed a file in Cubase hub 9.5
Now I can’t get it back. Can’t find it anywhere


If you open the file via Open menu or from the OS, it will appear in the list of the Recent files again.