Steinberg hub screen glitch

hi folks – this is probably a bug –
on the “Steinberg Hub” screen in Dorico, where selecting which file to open – I can use the arrow keys on my keyboard to select a file, which then creates a colourful frame around the file – so far so good – but when I press “Enter”, it still loads the most recent file rather than the one I had selected. The solution to load the proper file is to double click it with a mouse – but pressing enter on the keyboard does not quite work. Not for me, anyway (Dorico 4.0.31, Mac 10.15.7)

thank you!

We’ve fixed this little problem in our development builds, so this won’t bother you in the next update, once it arrives.

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The problem only seems to arise when mouse and keyboard are used alternately. It works fine with the keyboard alone.