Steinberg Hub still issues after update

Generally, looks like a good update 7.03 and very pro communication from Helge.

However for me Steinberg hub is not working still - maybe this is some form of blocking going on. Could someone give advice about how to solve this, what url do I add to my firewall to allow it to access? I also run Malware bytes and Window Essentials maybe its these?

No sign of any ‘default browser’, but I guess this is because is not functioning here.

On my dual monitor system the screen still to hog both 42 inch screens. Steinberg why is this necessary? Why can’t the hub open in a normal window/dialogue box? This stops all workflow whilst the hub tries to connect and connect and connect… then fails.

Could we have some proper advice from Steinberg about how to get the hub connecting if it is faling please…


If you disable firewall Cubase can connect with Steinberg Hub?

I never had this problem here (I bought Cubase 7 upgrade directly to version 7.0.1). I am running Outpost security suite (firewall + antivirus).

thanks for trying but this does not solve it. This is a known issue with many people suffering the same. We need steinberg advice - nothing in the knowledge base

+1 here as well, HUB has NEVER worked from 7.00 through today, though access to store etc work fine from project page links, so, machine is connecting to SB, just not the hub even afterremoving and re-install AV programs fire wall. Studio One 2 Pro has never had this problem so it can’t be inabilty to connect.

There should be more advice coming from SB on this matter, for know it’s bypassed in preferences and will remain there until…


I have never been able to connect as well after trying every single recommendation and suggestion on these forums.

Two 42" screens? :open_mouth: Photos?

2013-01-20 14.52.17.jpg

2013-02-01 17.27.28.jpg