Steinberg Hub v.2

The picture should be self-explanatory :wink:

But let’s talk around it.

  1. This list should be in Cubase database (or xml) but file structure is the same as it is now - you create project and specify folder, then you can SaveAs new version (Mix1 -> Mix2 etc.) and save it in the same folder. Cubase should show both files in this list under project’s main title.

  2. Project’s main title is the same project name, but you can edit it (RightMouse -> Rename). But this rename won’t affect Project’s first/main CPR file. Therefore Cubase should create something like Project.xml with all neccessary properties needed for this structured list.

  3. One Project can have more than one CPR files. All them should use one Pool library. So, if you remove an audio file and going to delete it from disk and if it is included in other CPR file inside the same project, you will get a warning and file could not be deleted.

  4. Projects can be arranged/sorted using dragging arrows on the left.

  5. CPR files can be moved like in FileExplorer - copy/move files from one project to another with/without attached audio files - a setup window would allow to set all neccessary properties for each move - copy audio files to target (with conflict checking), move them (also with checking if moved audio files are not used by other CPR files in source folder.

  6. From another tabs (Scoring, Recording, Production, Mastering, More) if you create a CPR file, Cubase could show a select box and you choose whether you create CPR file in existing project or create new.

Will continue later.

The Hub could probably be bigger as well. There would be no real reason to venture into the Windows domain at all when managing CPR and associated files.

I would say - resizeable.

Yes, there are many other functions to implement into Hub so user will feel he works with a system.

So later Hub can have something like Backup functions. One of them - “which projects stay too long on computer without your attention?” - they can be archived (zip, rar) and moved to backup drive.

Maybe also implementing network storage clouds (many: OneDrive, GoogleDrive) as a backup or transferring (for collaboration) drives.

Million interesting ideas! :slight_smile: