Steinberg Hub

For no apparent reason Cubase 10 is getting stuck connecting to the Hub again and also crashes on quitting (beachball) again. Two recurring issues throughout the history of Cubase, I think - I’ve been a user since the Atari ST days. Had a flirtation with StudioOne for a couple of years because of problems with Cubase on a Mac and also Steinberg’s persistent delays in updating it to the latest MacOS. Finally had enough a couple of years ago and switched. StudioOne is a great DAW, I have to say. However, as a long-standing Cubase user I’ve always felt a loyalty to it and thought I’d update to 10 and ‘come home’. Sadly its still suffering the exact same issues, mostly crashing on exit. Blaming 3rd party plugins is not acceptable. Other daws don’t have this problem. I’m also using a NI S49 keyboard, which annoyingly isn’t quite implemented in full in Cubase with Komplete Kontrol. Same old same old, it seems. I can’t get on with Logic or Ableton and I refuse to go the ubiquitous Protools route, because it’s ubiquitous. Anyone tried Bitwig studio?

Edit: I’ve deactivated the Hub in preferences and it no longer crashes, so there’s the problem,it seems. My internet connection is fine and I can access support etc etc from within Cubase, so its just solely an issue with the Hub.


It seems Cubase doesn’t connect to the internet properly.

Same here on Windows PC.
I never got that hub to work. it always says not connected.
IS there any fix for this?


It seems some 3rd party application blocks the connections. Maybe antivirus, or firewall…

Connecting through the hub works say 60% of the time for me. Same third party apps running every time without any changes from when it works or not. This is on the latest Win10. Right now I just keep Malwarebytes and Win10 antivirus on. Other than those , when I connect to the hub, no other apps are open.