Steinberg Hub

Hi there,I seem to have projects appearing in my (recent) page in Steinberg Hub,does anyone know how to remove them from (recent) without completely deleting them.

Regards Geoff.

right click on the project which is highlighted and there is now a context menu entry titled ‘remove from list’. This is what you are after.

Do u have aniwhere clear recent

Note that this requires v7.5.20. Earlier versions didn’t have this option.

A workaround on earlier versions of Cubase, is to move the project folder somewhere else and then try to open it (in the Hub). You will then get an error that the project can’t be found, with the option to delete it from the list. After deleting it (from the list), you can move the project folder back if you wish.

Hi cantankerous ,thanks for your response,i have tried what you suggest but after removing unwanted items I then closed the program then re-opened and they were still there.

This also did not work for me because I had unchecked ‘Use Steinberg Hub’ in Cubase ‘Preferences’.
Once checked, all is well.

Good Luck!

Hi cantankerous,Thanks once again,have been in preferences the box you mention is checked, I have tried again to remove items from ‘The Hub’ by right clicking, the response now is (show in explorer) of course this takes me to said item but I don’t want to actually delete it completely,I just want to remove it from ‘The Hub’ ,any more thoughts ? Thanks Geoff.