Steinberg instruments loading issue

WHY do my Steinberg instruments, such as Padshop & Retrologue lag so much? None of my other third party instruments have this issue. But when I skim through presets on Steinberg’s instruments, it can take up to a full minute to load a preset. How is this possible when I’m using a freakin’ Steinberg DAW?

everything is possible

Hi DH1
This certainly can be frustrating. I know it is not very helpfull but what you describe should not be normal behaviour. Loading a preset should only take a second of perhaps a few if you are in Groove Agent.

To be honest it will be difficult to advise you with the information you provided . Are you sure your PC is configured correctly? All sleepmodes and EIST should be disabled to prevent your CPU from dropping down in performance. What Audio Interface are you using and what drivers? OS?

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