Steinberg Interface refresh time?

I would like to see them drop the UR line and replace it with something better. Anyone else?

Would like to get a new interface but Im not buying an old UR with driver issues :open_mouth:

The hardware is good and the drivers are constantly being improved. I’m not sure what else you want.

Not me

I am very happy with my UR 242!!

No latency, very clean signal, easy to use for both vocals and/or mic’d or DI’d guitars, what more could I possibly want??


Jim B

  1. Better DA/AD
  2. Sizable CueMixConsole
  3. More plugins to run in CueMix using its low latency
  4. Separate phantom on all mic pres, not the pairing with UR824
  5. Be able to turn off the Cubase extension so it doesnt take over if I want to use the CueMix and not the integration aspect.

**List is Long